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Emma Loves… Turner the Red Panda Cub

This week Longleat has been abuzz with excitement following the reveal of a new birth at our Safari Park… Introducing Turner, our impossibly adorable new red panda cub, who joined our Longleat family in July!

Rufina and Ajendra, Turner’s parents had their first baby (Leo) at Longleat in 2015 and have since then given birth to a pair of very rare twin cubs, Perma and Tike last year too. So Turner is the fourth to join their little family!

Beyond the fact Turner is super cute, it makes me so happy that Longleat Safari Park is able to help save these gorgeous endangered creatures. Rufina and Ajendra and their family are part of a critically important breeding programme for red pandas worldwide and so it’s wonderful to see them blossom, and also share these wonderful animals with all of you too.

Come and visit Turner soon!

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