The Viscountess Cocktail

My very lovely and very talented friend, ES Magazine columnist and drinks presenter, Douglas Blyde, and I were talking about the drinks we like to make and serve for friends, and he very kindly created his twist on a Classic Dubonnet Martini for me. He called it ‘The Viscountess’, naturally.

His recipe is below and you can read his very witty and insightful column every week in ES Magazine. He’s also on Instagram too (@douglasblyde) and I promise you, you’ll learn a lot from him over there.

The Viscountess,
A Twist on a Classic Dubonnet Martini


Recipe by Douglas Blyde

In this recipe, the classic Dubonnet martini, as favoured by the Queen’s Mother, is modernised with a dash of Christmas bitters and a mulled cherry. It’s cold, but very strong, and therefore bracing.

Prep Time: 10-15 mins  |   Serves: 1


  • Dubonnet Red, 35ml
  • Bath Gin, 35 ml
  • Frankincense Bitters
  • Maraschino Cherry
  • Mulled Wine
  • Orange Peel
  • Frozen Martini Glass

You will need ice, a cocktail strainer and cocktail shaker


  1. Shake equal parts (35ml) of Dubonnet Red and Bath Gin hard in an ice filled shaker
  2. Draw the martini type glass from the freezer, which has been dabbed with Frankincense Bitters
  3. Strain the liquid into the martini like glass
  4. Drop the Maraschino cherry, steeped in mulled wine, into the cocktail
  5. Spritz the surface of the drink with an orange twist

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