The Four-Step Side Bun

I have a confession… I can’t get enough of tutorials. How-to crafts, how-to beauty, how-to get your hair looking great when your blow-dry is starting to look a little bit sad (and you’re out on the Longleat estate with the weather not on your side.)

Easy up-dos are a life-saver when you’re on the go and I’m always on the lookout for inspiration for something that’s quick, but looks like you’ve spent hours on it.

My latest favourite is the classic side bun. You can easily tie your hair into a side bun with an elastic, but with a little extra effort (still under 10 minutes) you can create something that easily transitions from day to night. Super chic with minimal effort.

Try it yourself!

What you’ll need

  • A good hairbrush and comb
  •  Plenty of bobby pins/hair grips
  • Styling product – to boost roots
  • An elastic hair bobble
  • GHDs / styling tong

Step 1

This style always works a little better in-between hair washes. Give your hair a good brush, form a side parting (or swoop the hair over towards one shoulder) and spritz at the roots with a good styling product like Bumble and Bumble Full Potential Booster to hold.

Split your hair in two halves (like a half-up, half-down style) and gently backcomb the top part from underneath, to give a bit of height but not too much. We’re not going for ‘wedding hair’ here. It’s about teasing a bit of volume into the crown and towards the back of the head. Nothing more. Smooth over with your comb and fingers once you’ve hit the perfect height.

Step 2

Keeping some height in the style, take the hair over to your preferred style and secure with an invisible bobble, as if in a low pony tail but don’t tie it too tightly, otherwise you’ll lose that lovely height you’ve just created.

Gently loosen some hair at the front should you wish to frame the face a little. Framing the face is what I think sets this look apart from others, so in fact, you should definitely do this step.

Step 3

Next, gently twist the ponytail, and start to form a loose swirl around the hair bobble. Pinning in securely as you go (trust me, bobby pins are your hair saviour with this style!) Dependent on how smart you want the side bun, leave it looser or curl the hair tighter round into a secure bun.

Step 4

Once your bun is secured, gently curl the front pieces of hair with GHDs or similar. Once curled, I prefer to softly swoop a few strands back and pin into the bun, but you may prefer to have your hair fall loose around your face. Spray generously with a strong hold hairspray and voila! A classic side bun in just four easy steps.

Don’t forget to keep some extra hair grips on you for adjustments during the day.

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