The Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is one of my all-time favourite fragrances. In the summer, Longleat’s walled garden is filled to the brim with wild, fragrant lavender. Not only is it a gorgeous sea of purple that’s mesmerising to look at, it smells amazing too!

I love mixing natural beauty products and oils – such as lavender – into my routine and think Neal’s Yard Remedies is one of the best places to stock up on lotions and potions. Visiting the store is always a treat – my favourite one is the original Apothecary in Covent Garden – as it’s a treasure trove of all things health, wellness and beauty. The staff are all great too as they’re experts in what they do and offer fantastic advice, whatever you’re looking for.

This week, I called upon Fran Johnson, an Aromatherapist at Neal’s Yard Remedies to find out more on why lavender is so good for us and how we should be using it.

It’s widely known that lavender is excellent for helping us to relax, often used in bedtime rituals, bath products and candles. When it’s in season, I like to have a few cuttings of lavender in my bedroom too, for that extra touch of calm. Fran recommends “adding a few drops of essential lavender oil into a warm bath” so the steam can work with the natural aroma to diffuse and help you relax as you soak. The calming properties of lavender “can assist the body to cope with stress, lifting spirits to revive you”. Perfect for busy mums like myself! 

What I was interested to discover is lavender is also said to have some natural healing properties; “its anti-bacterial and healing properties makes it a true first aider, helping to soothe burns or insect bites” says Fran. It’s something I’ve not tried, but would definitely be interested in exploring.

What I also found out while on holiday in LA is that lavender isn’t just for your skin and hair, we can digest it too! We all know that I love anything food and drink related, so when I found out that lavender lattes are a ‘thing’, I went to the kitchen immediately, via the garden of course, to whip up a tray. They’re very pretty and Instagrammable but the health benefits of lavender – calm, reduced anxiety – also counteract the negative effects of coffee -the jitters. Meaning you get the ‘focus’ of the caffeine without feeling overly wired. Pretty and functional, perfect!

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