John’s Fruit Rockets

You all know I am an avid Instagrammer and a confessed Pinterest obsessive. They’re both such good platforms to find creative ideas and things to do! Particularly in half term, when it’s cold and you’re looking for things to do indoors with the kids.

Bonfire Night is coming up and whilst I love sparklers, John is still a little too young for them, even with supervision. So these super simple fruit sparklers – discovered on Pinterest – are ideal for making John feel like a big boy, as well as getting him excited about fruit. Even better, he can get stuck in and help me in the kitchen, which he loves to do – tick, tick!

They’re really simple and require little effort; you can pick up the sparkly details in supermarkets or specialist stores like Lakeland or Hobby Craft for something extra special. You can even mix up the fruit and choose your little ones’ favourites.

The main thing is for them to be bright and colourful, to excite your kids and capture their imagination. Mums know, if it looks fun and playful, they’re more likely to want to eat it!

Beyond Bonfire Night, if you’re having a children’s party or play date at home this half term, these work as great healthy snack too. You could also try John’s Jelly, which is another favourite of ours at home.

I’ve included the very basic instructions below for those pictured, but have fun with them and be sure to share your creations with me! X

John’s Fruit Rockets

Prep Time: 5 minutes  | Makes: 6-10 portions (dependent on the size of your skewers)



For the Fruit Skewers…

  • Punnet of strawberries
  • Punnet of blueberries
  • Bunch of grapes (red or green – avoid big pips!)
  • Punnet of raspberries

For the Decoration…

  • Skewers
  • Brightly coloured stars / decorations

Note: These are what we use as they’re small and easy to skewer, but you could also have diced apple or melon, mango, whatever your preference!



  1. Chop your strawberries (or large fruits you may be using) into smaller bit size chunks. Ensuring you can still put the piece of fruit on to a skewer.
  2. Simply skewer your fruit, starting from the bottom and building your way up to the top.
  3. Ensure any sharp ends of the skewer are protected from little mouths. I encourage John to eat these like an ear of corn to avoid any accidents.

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