Best Books for Shelfies

Have you heard about the latest interior craze? The Shelfie.

According to homeware gurus, we’re all putting up shelves and filling them with beautiful books; everything from your traditional coffee table tome to classics rebound in beautiful works of art, all in the name of interior design.

Pinterest (one of my most used apps) reportedly saw a 97% rise in ‘shelfie’ pins earlier this year, and personally, I’m all for the shelfie. I love beautiful books that you can flick through on rainy days and completely lose yourself in. Or those that provide you with endless ideas. My kitchen has a shelf full of recipe books, but I also have some beautiful tomes in my dressing room, in the lounge and all over the apartment.

Let’s not forget, as well as feeding the mind, the shelfie craze also gives you an excuse to spoil yourself with some fabulous interior accessories that will add extra colour from paper weights, book ends to photo frames.

So whilst I would never usually judge a book by its cover, with a Shelfie it’s essential. Here’s my pick of some of the best looking, and most interesting, books out there.

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